CM’s Guide to the New Acquisitions Inc. Internship

New Acquisitions Inc. Marketing and Communications Intern—Atlanta, Georgia

Looking for an interesting and compelling internship this summer? New Acquisitions Inc. specializes in working with Fortune 100 clients in the home renovation and entertainment industry. That’s right, I mean celebrity status here folks. You also get internship experience that actually puts your skills as an English, communications or journalism major to use.

What it’s actually like

Working at a corporate office can seem super intimidating. “[Expect a] fun, upbeat environment that promotes networking and bringing new ideas to the table,” said New Acquisitions employee Amber Gibson. Partners at New Acquisitions emphasize the importance of teamwork and camaraderie around the office, so interns can expect respect. No need to worry about taking coffee and lunch orders all summer. Instead, people who understand what it’s like to be in your position as an intern will support you and truly want to help you reach your highest potential. This special attention leads many New Acquisitions interns to stay on and become full-time employees. Whether spent answering phone calls for your supervisor or scheduling client meetings, your time at New Acquisitions will certainly not go to waste.

Cool stuff you get to do

As a summer intern at New Acquisitions, you’ll get the opportunity to network with high-ranking professionals in the field as well as with high profile clients. This will bolster your confidence and communication skills—two huge aspects of working at a marketing firm—making you a super competitive applicant in the future. In addition to getting the chance to network, you may even learn a new sport. Yup, you heard me. Behind the New Acquisitions office building lies a super awesome mini golf course adjacent to a tranquil lake. Office employees often enjoy a round of gold while on break. If the stress of interning gets too overwhelming during your time at the firm, you can just golf it out.

What you’ll learn

At New Acquisitions, you’ll learn a variety of skills within the field of business management, including public relations training and retail development. You will also get the chance to gain some hands-on experience working with clients and managing accounts, conducting interviews and building long-lasting relationships with other professionals in the field. Basically, you’ll transform into a marketing and business genius.

We hope you don’t mind working in groups, because at New Acquisitions you’ll also learn how to work as a team to satisfy a request from a client. As a highly sought-after characteristic in potential employees, cooperation skills shine on a resume. Speaking of resumes, interning at New Acquisitions will give you some other very marketable skills, making your resume stand out among the rest. After all, teamwork and synergism look great when applying for a job.

How to prepare for you application

When prepping your application, ensure that you possess a true passion for the work accomplished at New Acquisitions. The firm wants to guarantee that truly dedicated students apply to intern. Oh, and you should spruce up that resume we discussed earlier. Make sure to include any experience in customer service and/or hospitality, along with any experience working in an office. If you get called in for an interview, keep it cool. Laidback and flexible personalities impress the New Acquisitions team. Pro Tip: Do your research. Impressing the interviewer with your knowledge of the company could score you some extra points during your interview. Mention any extracurricular activities that helped to strengthen your people skills.

Skills that impress them

New Acquisitions prefers applicants who major in marketing, mass communications, advertising and/or business administration (or something in a related field). The company also wants students who maintain fun, go-getter attitudes and can work a minimum of 20 hours a week. Additionally, New Acquisitions appreciates adaptable interns, ready to face and overcome challenges in their day-to-day experiences at the office. Considering the company could potentially face a number of different issues on a daily basis—whether at the hands of dissatisfied clients or faulty computer engineering—flexibility and cooperation ranks highly on New Acquisitions list of must-have qualities for its interns.

Cool perks

Now for the good stuff. All interns at New Acquisitions receive a guaranteed hourly rate. Yup, you heard me. You can get paid. New Acquisitions pays their interns $10 an hour for the summer term. The firm also offers weekly bonuses and other incentives to interns who display hard work throughout their time at the company. New Acquisitions even provides scholarships to some deserving interns and possible offers for a permanent position upon graduation. Cha-CHING.

The deets

Thinking about applying? If so, check out their website and look out for openings available on The intern positions fill up quickly because of the competitiveness of the program, so move fast if you want to apply. You can also check out New Acquisitions on Facebook to get a feel for the company and even reach out to current staff members and interns. They may provide valuable advice and insight that could make you a more competitive candidate or give you their perspective on how to survive working in a corporate office.

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